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RST utilizes a variety of styles of manual therapy, trauma healing, and general health and wellness.
  Part of our skill is in being able to blend these various modalities into a session that best meets your needs (which may change from one session to the next). 

There are detailed descriptions of each modality on the sidebar.  We offer this not to overload you with information, but rather so that you can find out more about the sort of bodywork that we do.  There are many styles of 'massage therapy' and we want our clients to have informed consent with the work that we do.  It is frustrating for everyone when a client and a therapist realize in the middle of a session that they have different expectations.

If you are unsure of the modality or therapist that would give you the best results, don't worry!  We can make a preliminary evaluation over email, and then fine tune during the session. 

sports massage
athletic taping
personalized therapeutic exercise
neuromuscular therapy
manual lymphatic drainage
body-stored trauma release
grief & loss somatic therapy
compassion fatigue & restoration
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