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sports massage:

Two primary benefits of sports massage are facilitating the healing of minor or major injuries (regardless of how they occurred), and increasing range-of-motion of shoulders, hips, and other joints which may become stressed through exercise or even normal activities of daily living.  This style of bodywork is particularly useful for safely regaining muscle stamina after an injury has healed.  We employ RI (reciprocal inhibition), pin-and-stretch, and other techniques often used by physical therapists.  

It is not uncommon for a massage therapist to advertise that they practice sports massage because they include a few leg or hip stretches in their work.  The techniques and benefits of this modality go far beyond that
, and one does not need to be a professional athlete to feel the wear-and-tear of physical activity - exercise classes like CrossFit, Boot Camp, and Spinning can cause discomfort, as can hiking a 14er or a long run.  A sports massage once every two weeks can decrease recovery time and increase muscle responsiveness for recreational exercisers.

Restorative Somatic Therapies' sports massage work is heavily informed by the Anatomy Trains fascial lines methodology of Thomas Myers and the work of Dr. William E. Prentice.  An initial session will include a detailed postural assessment, which will show the angle of each of your joints (from ankle to neck), how they stack on top of each other, and also the relationship between different muscles. That, combined with your physical activities and areas of concern, will be the basis for the session.  The goal of this sort of bodywork is to encourage efficiency within your body.  The work we do will include lengthening certain fascial lines, releasing areas of tension, and assisting proper relationships between agonist and antagonist muscles.  

Beau specializes in sports somatic therapies, which includes physical therapy techniques like reciprocal inhibition (RI) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), as well as rehabilitation exercise prescription. Beau has a 130-hour certification specific to sports massage. He also had several clinical rotations with both high school and collegiate athletes.

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