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manual lymphatic drainage:


Known variously as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or Lymphatic Drainage Technique (LDT), this is a manual therapy of the lymphatic system, which regulates the body's immune function.  Lymph is an important substance that circulates around the body and helps move waste products out of muscles and organs and filters them through lymph nodes and finally the heart.  Many things can decrease the circulation of lymph, including recreational drugs, allergies, colds, sedentary lifestyles, and some medications and anesthesia.  

Lymph drainage is provided through very light touch (generally half an ounce of pressure) and slow, rhythmic work.  It is safe for almost all clients, and unlike other modalities, it can be used almost immediately after surgery and also while a client is using a variety of prescription medications.  It is a particularly useful and important manual therapy for those living with chronic illness, those with chronic or acute joint swelling (like 'water on the knee'), and for those who have had some lymph nodes removed due to cancer.  It is also ideal for clients recovering from the flu or other respiratory illnesses.  MLD is very relaxing, so those looking for a restorative session are particularly fond of this style.

Beau completed a 145-hour certification in MLD.  


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