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neuromuscular therapy:


Neuromuscular massage technique (NMT) is a concentrated, physically intense form of massage therapy. People who have a lot of muscle spasms or 'knots' generally feel relief and improvement through NMT.  A therapist uses directed pressure (often thumbs, fists, or elbows) to work out the tension and relax the muscle tissue.

T-Bars are small tools used in place of the hand to deliver precise pressure to an area of muscle tissue that is 'stuck' - either to another muscle (as often happens in the shoulder and low back area), or that is not responding appropriately to signals from a nerve or tendon. In the hands of an inexperienced therapist, a t-bar can do more harm than good because of how deep into muscle tissue it can penetrate.  

Beau completed a 130-hour certification in professional t-bar use. Note that RST practitioners will only use tools with a client's informed consent, and recognize that such tools are not universally needed.  If you have any concerns, please be assured that we can achieve NMT depth using hands only.

Client Comments:

"I have always enjoyed very deep neuromuscular work, and Beau is able to provide a depth to his work that is therapeutic and effective. The addition of very gentle lymph drainage to my sessions has helped restore proper lymph flow and release deep scarring resulting from a poorly-healed caesarian section. Beau’s sense of awareness has allowed my sessions to not only help release muscular tension but emotional tension as well. I have always felt safe and free to explore what my body is asking for during every session."   –M.B.



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