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athletic taping:

RST offers therapeutic athletic taping, following the work of Dr. Kenzo Kase who founded KinesioTape.

While taping has been fairly common for college and professional athletes, the general public is just becoming aware of its existence.  A few brands are available for purchase at drug and department stores, but many other brands are sold only to professionals. 
There are a number of brands on the market - including KT Tape, RockTape, and StrengthTape - and each has a best use.  Some are stiff and offer protection for a joint that is at risk for injury (for example, the ankle), while others are more elastic and are best for encouraging 'snap back' of muscles to prevent injury from eccentric contraction (an action which accounts for the vast majority of muscle injury).  If warranted, we also use Kold-Rite Compression Wrap, which is a compression wrap that also acts like a cold pack.  This is a great tool for acute and chronic injuries alike.  

Taping is an effective way to reduce lymphatic swelling in acute injuries and to offer torsion resistance and limited range-of-motion for chronically injured joints.  Used improperly, however, an injury could worsen (through pooling of lymphatic fluid, increased stress on surrounding muscles or bones, or lack of proper blood supply).  Taping can be included as part of a full somatic therapy session or on-site in a short pre-event session.

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