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compassion fatigue & restoration:

We understand the need for those who experience secondary trauma to have a space for recovery from compassion fatigue.  People involved in care-giving, social services, health care providers, clergy and spiritual leaders, direct action activists, and others often experience secondary trauma.   Individuals who experience trauma tense up and remain in stress mode, to the detriment of their physical health.  Sometimes, the effects of trauma are more subtle.  Sometimes it's more about not being able to breathe fully, or of having a spot that is chronically tense because it takes responsibility for the rest of the body. 

Caregivers have a tendency to ignore their own physical and emotional needs, and may experience guilt or shame for seeking therapy for themselves.  We believe that self-care is vital to the caretaking role.  Whether it manifests as a 'short fuse' with others, chronic tension headaches, an inability to sleep without chemical aid, a debillitating illness of one's own, or something else, being responsible for someone else's care will take a toll on a person.  Human beings simply are not meant to live in isolation, yet our culture reinforces our sense of disconnection with a 'suck it up' attitude.

We list compassion fatigue and restoration somatic therapy as its own modality because we understand that there are unique needs and challenges involved in caring for the caregivers.  Our combined experience of working with caregivers - both unpaid family caregivers and medical professionals - has given us a broad understanding of those needs and challenges.  We encourage you to begin or expand your own self-care with somatic therapy.


Client Comments:

"Beau is a healer! I was supporting my close friend that was in a crisis situation and I was working long hours and getting little sleep. When things settled down for my friend I was completely exhausted. I was so exhausted that even when I was lying down trying to rest, I couldn’t. It seemed that my body couldn’t relax. Luckily I was put into contact with Beau and I am so grateful for it! Beau did a relaxing massage that was amazing! Beau is a professional and has expert knowledge on how and where to apply pressure to release tension. I am truly amazed at Beau’s work and didn’t realize how amazing such a gentle massage could feel. After the session I felt completely different, relaxed and present. I was really moved by Beau’s gentle massage and realized the power of the healing touch. I highly recommend Beau and hope many more people can experience Beau’s healing sessions. It’s truly a talent what Beau offers." -J.M.


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