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Because our knowledge base is greater than the majority of other massage therapists in the area, and that compliments a refined sense of touch and intuition about what a body and spirit needs, RST's rates are often higher than other therapists. However, a bad massage can leave you disappointed, frustrated, emotionally triggered, or physically injured!  Remember that you get what you pay for.  

Typically, we create a Treatment Plan package of multiple sessions, catered to your needs and goals.  These package start at $500. The total amount depends upon the degree of treatment needed, your personal goals, and the amount of personalized attention that you desire between official sessions. 

We do offer single massage-oriented sessions, if NMT, MLD, or grief/trauma work better suits your needs. Our standard fee for a stand-alone 90-minute massage therapy session is $125.

We understand that this is not accessible for some of you. RST offers a sliding scale and discounted rates for clients who have a demonstrated need for somatic therapy but who cannot afford it.  We are open to trades and alternative payment methods. As we have found that working on a case-by-case basis is more mutually beneficial than having a blanket rate policy, please send us an email to discuss your situation.  We are invested in finding ways to collaborate with everyone who wants our work.  

We also know that people without the income to pay out-of-pocket for high-level somatic therapy might end up seeing a therapist who is less skilled and who could cause further harm, so it is important to us to remain a viable option for all.  This is why we have a PAY IT FORWARD (PIF) program. For every four sessions booked at our full rate, we donate one 90-minute session to someone in financial need.  PIF allows us to have a sustainable business model while honoring our personal values of volunteerism and community support.  It also allows those of you who have the financial ability to give the gift of somatic therapy to others in the local community.  Through PIF we have donated sessions to clergy, midwives, undocumented workers, persons experiencing homelessness, survivors of assault, family caregivers, and those with chronic chemical dependencies.

A Note About Tipping: Please note that RST is an allied healthcare professional organization (technically, a CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine - provider).  You probably would not offer a tip to your physician or nutritionist; please place RST in the same category.  Our standard fee fairly compensates us for our work.  If you can afford the full fee and would like to give more, know that RST will happily accept a donation to our PAY IT FORWARD program to bring bodywork to those who cannot afford it.

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