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grief & loss somatic therapy:

Loss comes in many forms.  Whether it is a death of a loved one, house fire, hurricane, flood or other natural disaster, divorce, unemployment, foreclosure, loss of a limb, anniversary of a traumatic event, or something else, recovery from the emotional impact of loss can be difficult.  There is a proven connection between emotional health and physical well-being, which is why RST offers somatic therapy specific to grief and loss. 

We understand how difficult it can be to get through the day when grief is always on your mind, and, conversely, how challenging it can be to allow yourself to be vulnerable once you've conditioned yourself to 'be strong.'  A grief and loss somatic session is focused on slow and relaxing somatic work, creating a safe space for anger, tears, or other emotional processing to occur, and is client-directed.  It can be done on a massage table, a Thai mat, sitting, or standing.

Typically, we book single sessions where grief and loss release is the intention.  Seldom do we book multiple grief and loss sessions with the same client within twelve months, to avoid transference and/or working outside of our scope of practice.  However, it sometimes happens that grief comes up for a regular client during a another type of session.  In those cases, we will check in about ending the session or continuing the session with a shift in focus.

Please note that a manual therapist is there simply to facilitate your own process - we are not mental health therapists nor will we engage in conversation during the session.  Grief and loss massage is not a substitue for mental health therapy. 

Beau has years of experience working with grief survivors, and is comfortable with both hypo- and hyper-arousal (that is, both dissociation and belligerence.)

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